The Best Treatments For Grey Hair: The Ultimate Guide

For those of us who want to keep the gray hair at bay, read on. In this article, we discuss some of the best treatments for grey hair.

Tinted Hair Spray

This is a great option. The colour that’s displayed on the tin is the same as what you’ll see on the strands of the hair. People with colour-treated hair who want to cover the grey areas may choose this product to cover up the grey hairs in their hair. In this type of condition, you’ll need to apply a toner first. This helps to lock in the colour of the product. Then, you can apply a thin layer of tinted hair spray to your hair and gently brush the rest of your hair. You can then cover up the hair to give it a natural look.

Hair Tinting

It’s very common to start losing your hair by the time you turn 30. Although it’s a frightening thought, it doesn’t mean that you should have a bald head. Fortunately, there are treatments to make your hair look a bit brighter and keep it from turning grey prematurely. 

One of the most popular is hair dye. It works by allowing your hair to absorb a specific colour, depending on the shade. Some common ones are purple, red, and green, all of which happen to be dark colours. The most effective part is that it’s safe to dye your hair. That said, permanent hair dye can be expensive, but it gives you a chance to save a little money in the long run.


Hair dye, or hair colour for that matter, helps combat the appearance of greying hair. It makes it look more natural and helps hide any frizz. Women who want to whiten their hair for the summer season can get StyleMe’s services and ask for a lightening treatment for their gray hair. 

Laser hair removal removes the hair completely. This treatment is often used to get rid of unwanted hair. This treatment can also be used to maintain hair color. It makes your hair a lot softer and is less harsh on the hair.

Hair Bleaching

This option is usually suggested for those with darker hair. It can sometimes be used to lighten a base color and eventually eliminate the gray hair completely. As the bleaching product dissolves the natural pigment of the hair, the roots tend to appear lighter than the rest of the hair. This results in the hair looking brighter and shiny. 

However, hair bleach is known to damage the hair over time because nutrients are stripped out. Also, if you bleach the hair, it’s possible that it’ll begin to fall out after a while. 


As we all know, having grey hair is normal. However, some of us want to not have grey hair. These treatments are considered safe and proven to help you do so. Book a grey hair treatment with StyleMe today. Service to your door.


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