5 of the Best Men’s Haircuts for any Occasion

Getting the right haircut for the right occasion for a man is not always easy. Sometimes something calls for a messy look, other times a more refined and polished look. Let’s explore the 5 best men’s haircuts for any occasions.

Short hair

When short hair is more stylish than long hair, a short hairdo can be an option. For this look, try something different like a fade haircut or a partial fade. A few buzz cuts are also in style, that would do just fine to create a memorable look. Short hairstyles are really good for those who live in a place where the weather is not really warm during summer months. 

Also, they are very efficient for keeping your scalp moisturized and staying away from those dandruff and split ends problems. Sometimes a guy may require a more sporty style, a slicked back style is what he needs. Hair straighteners or a comb can be used to create this style of hair for men, so you need to ensure that you have them with you.

Messy hair

Messy hairstyles are great for every man, young or old. You can rock this look with casual clothing but make sure your hairstyle works well with a tight collared shirt. The messy hair look is also great for parties. Messy hairstyles are also great for a low key occasion or a get together with friends. They can be paired with jean jackets, polos or even bow-ties.

Clean look

If you are looking for a fresh and clean look, a shorter look might be the best choice for you. This means no more beard or an unkempt moustache, as it’ll distract from your face. A clean style with slight variation and contrast on the back and sides are an excellent choice. 

You could either get a short cut to your cheekbones with a little shorter length in the back, or you could opt for a very short to medium length hair cut. A guy should look like the perfectly handsome prince and nothing but a prince. A classic style can be given a twist and turned into a trendy look for a guy by using different hair products and hairstyles. An elegant long side part with shorter back, sideburns and a clean line from jaw to neck in a classic and elegant style is cool.

Long hair

Everyone wants a haircut that is long enough to show off their neck or as to compliment their beard. Get a haircut that is a little shorter than your last one. Hair can grow up to two inches after the first month. But what you should remember is not to keep the hair longer than 3 to 4 inches. This is the recommended length for good looking hair. 

With the hair kept longer, it can distract from your face. Long hair can be tousled at the sides, but never have the hair tucked under the hair. Also, when a haircut is kept longer, it tends to tangle easily. Always use a mousse or a gel to keep your hair sleek and simple. Short hair is a great alternative to long hair. In short hair, the cut is always close to the head.

Slicked back

There are many different looks and different ways to do the same thing. While there are people who prefer the messy look, there are people who are fans of a more polished and tidy look. The slicked back style has just the right amount of both. It’s unruly but still you can work with it. It can be worn with casual clothes or dress it up with a nice suit. 

It’s a great way to change up your look without having to commit to a new hair cut or to change the way you look. Slicked back hairstyles look great with each other and can be worn by men of different age groups. They can also be styled in the same way they are styled on the runways. This kind of look is perfect for guys who want to look well groomed at all times.


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