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Fill up your schedule

Just working at a salon doesn’t always fill your schedule. Being a StyleMe Pro means you get flexibility to continue at your salon and obtain more apppointments through StyleMe. Eventually you may just work with StyleMe.

A new way of doing business

StyleMe is an innovative business as we’re providing a simple and convenient way for people to get professional hair and nail services in their home.

How it works

Each StyleMe Pro is screened in against a set of criteria, like minimum years of experience, etc. After that, we will review your work and potentially hire you as a StyleMe Pro Consultant. The booking system selects from a pool of StyleMe Pros when bookings are made, and you get Email and text notifications when it selects you for a booking.


How do bookings work?

The booking system selects the best-fit Sylist for the client based on areas of specialization and distance from the customer. The bookings are balanced across StyleMe Pros. StyleMe’s booking system syncs with your core schedule.

How long does the application take?

Not long. As soon as you submit the application form here online, it typically only takes 1-2 business days to hear back.

What happens after the application is submitted?

Once your application is submitted, it’s reviewed by senior members of the StyleMe team. If it meets our basic requirements, we’ll contact you with next steps.

What is the pay?

More information is provided about this during the application process. There is a pay structure in place between StyleMe and StyleMe Pros. Generally, expect to earn what you normally would at a salon.

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We All Love What We Do

Here are some of StyleMe’s featured Stylists. StyleMe Pros are all passionate about what they do, especially making you look awesome!

Alyssa Amato

Alyssa has been a Hair Stylist in Vancouver for over 4 years. And she loves being a StyleMe Pro.

Sacha Cohen

Sacha has been a Hair Stylist in Montreal for over 20 years.

Meghan King

Meghan's been a Hair Stylist in Calgary for over 7 years and is loved by her clients.

Beard Trimmer​

Jesse is awesome and he's been with us since 2012.​

Hair Specialist

Sean has been in the barber industry for over 7 years.