The Pedicure Guide: How To Get The Perfect Pedicure

We know you want to have perfect, great looking nails. In this article, we discuss important things that are required for the perfect pedicure.

What is a Pedicure?

It is a treatment done to the toenails to remove the dead skin and any dry crusty stuff off your feet. The top part is covered with nail polish and the bottom part is covered with the callus. The nail is filed smooth. 

If your toenails are not trimmed at all, the callus will be thick and there will be visible parts of dead skin on the outer part of the nails. If you also experience sweating and redness in the feet after a pedicure, it’s recommended that you get a deep skin cleaning and massage before the pedicure.

What is the process of a Pedicure?

It’s the filing the nails and keeping the cuticles healthy by keeping them long. In a short time after treatment, you’ll notice that your nails and cuticles will grow to perfection. 

How To Get The Perfect Pedicure?

  1. Exfoliation of the nails and the nails surrounding them. This is important because it will take out the dead and damaged skin from your nails, allowing the new nail to appear. Exfoliation is done by a nail buffer. 
  2. A moisturizer with some lotion is also required. It helps to moisturize your nails and nail bed. The lotion is carefully used on your nails and left on for an hour.
  3. The cuticles of your nails are worked on. The nails won’t be cut near the cuticle line. The cuticles on the sides of the nails are also filed.


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