How To Get The Perfect Haircut: Tips That Will Make Your Hair Look Amazing


A good haircut is tailored to the shape of the corresponding face and your specific preferences, among other things. In this article, we cover some things that are important when it comes to making your hair look great.

Face shape and hair type

In general, you have two face shapes: oval face and the non-oval/round face. There are a number of hairstyles and haircuts that will suit these face types. The most popular haircut that suits most of face shapes is the classic haircut with long back for women. 

There are several different hair types that people have. What’s important is how different hair types (e.g., fine vs. coarse hair) play off of certain skin tones.

Finding your perfect haircut

First, let’s talk about your face. What kind of haircut would work best with your face? If you have an oval-shaped face, you will have to avoid a square-shaped haircut. If you have a long oval face, you will need to avoid a round-shaped haircut. A straight shape face will require a square-shaped haircut and so on. 

Most people with long oval-shaped faces need to look for a haircut with an angle that takes into account their jawline. This means that your haircut needs to be close to your chin line. If your face is round, a lot of haircuts will suit you but if your face is square shaped, you can try shorter haircuts. People with straight or slightly longer faces are better off looking for a haircut with an angle that takes into account their jawline.

What should you do with your hair?

Here are some options:

  1. Your hair doesn’t have to be long all the time. You can choose a style that suits your face and how you naturally look. The best style for an average face is a fade haircut.
  2. When choosing a style, keep in mind your hair color. If you have naturally dark hair, a classic fade is ideal. With some highlights, this can look really good as well. In order to give the cut a modern touch, cut your hair shorter.
  3. If you have naturally straight hair, a long bob is best. They’re short enough so that when it’s windy, your hair is kept in place. If your hair is curly, you’ll need something a little shorter and you may need to curl it. A few pounds will make this kind of haircut look better.
  4. Sometimes the haircut you want can be achieved by a combination of cuts.

What will your hair look like?

Take a picture of yourself right after you brush your hair for starters. Also, look at a magazine and use this with your StyleMe Pro. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but StyleMe Pros have good style sense and we recommend you go with their direction.


If you want a great haircut, book a StyleMe Pro today.



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