The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair: How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

There are so many haircare products on the market that as much as we try and keep our hair healthy, it can become unhealthy with the overuse of product. This includes styling products and over-washing. Reducing the use of these products and choosing the right products is critical.

What is healthy hair?

Keeping your hair healthy means avoiding products that contain sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other chemicals. Instead, opt for organic and natural hair products such as: hair milk, vitamin E, green tea… This list is not exhaustive and a good hair-maintenance routine involves changing up products and frequently changing hairstyles. 

What is over-washing? Over-washing your hair is something pretty much everyone does. In simple terms, when you wash your hair too often, you strip your hair of the protective oils and natural nutrients that keep it healthy. This leads to dull hair and also weak hair that can cause hair loss and splitting.

Keep your hair healthy with the right products

Selecting the right products that treat the hair and for your hair type and personality is important. Ask your StyleMe Pro for an overall hair health assessment, which will allow you to pick the right products that work for you and your lifestyle. If you have dry hair, it’s better to use products that hydrate the hair instead of drenching the hair with a heavy weight product. Do this once a month as it will help to stimulate new growth. Don’t shampoo every day. 

Shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils and make the hair more prone to damage. Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle. And all skin types require constant moisture. To keep the hair healthy and glossy, it’s important to drink water, exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Have a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are healthy and this will contribute to your hair health.

Reduce the use of hair products

Hair is made of hair proteins, also known as keratin. These proteins are made in the hair follicle. When they are damaged they slowly break down. By reducing the use of hair products in your hair you reduce the breakdown of the hair proteins and keep your hair healthy. 

A hair style is considered healthy when there is no breakage or damage. To stop hair damage, you need to make a few simple changes to your routine. Work to increase the thickness of your hair. Hairs that are coarser grow more quickly than the hair that is finer, which can lead to an increase in split ends.


It’s crucial to invest in your hair health in order to maintain beautiful hair that you can be proud of. At StyleMe, we have the best Stylists in the industry who are experts in hair and general hair health. Book an appointment with one of our StyleMe Pros today for at your door service.

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