StyleMe COVID-19 Statement

We want you to know that getting services from StyleMe is safe. Read on to learn about how we protect your health and safety in the context of COVID-19 and the pandemic.

styleme pros and covid-19 safety protocols

All of our StyleMe Pros are licensed by their respective licensing authority in the geographic region that they service. These licensing bodies regulate the profession, including health and safety standards. 

Each StyleMe Pro is bound by the rules and standards of their licensing authority, which includes protocols they must follow for COVID-19.


StyleMe’s policies around COVID-19 protocols for StyleMe Pros is consistent with these licensing authorities and regional health orders. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Each StyleMe Pro will sanitize their hands before entering your place and when they leave.
  2. Each StyleMe Pro will wear a mask before entering your place, at all times inside your place, and when leaving.
  3. Each StyleMe Pro will use clean and fresh towels and salon capes for each Customer, as well as sanitized tools.
  4. Each StyleMe Customer is expected to wear a mask during their appointment with one of our StyleMe Pros as well.

safe and effective

We’re doing our part to keep everyone healthy and safe. Book a hair or nail appointment today.


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