How To Get The Perfect Haircut For Your Face Shape

The shape of your face affects the type of haircut that looks good on you. Read on to learn more about how to pair different face shapes with different types of haircuts.

Short hair

For a classic face shape, a bob or a short pixie cut is a great choice. For an angular shape, a long, edgy bob or long chunky layers should look good. For a round face, a long, layered cut with slightly tousled ends will suit you well. For a heart-shaped face, long layers, often short on top, with a fringe framing your face will be perfect. Medium Hair For a round face shape, a long bob or shoulder-length hair can suit you well. 

For a round face with a slight angle, a long, layered cut is best. For a square face shape, a medium length bob or shoulder-length hair can be flattering. For a heart-shaped face shape, a long pixie or bob cut will be gorgeous, or a long layered haircut with a bang will suit you well. For an oval face, long layers that frame your face will suit you very well.

Messy hair

A smooth and round face has a straight-across face, wide jawline and small chin. This type of haircut looks great with narrow, short hair that’s in an asymmetric part. For round shapes, a haircut looks great with medium length hair that’s tucked behind the ears and faces away from the direction of your face. For heart-shaped faces, a haircut looks great with short hair and slightly longer lengths. Oval face? This shape has a large forehead and high cheekbones. This type of haircut looks great with long hair that’s medium-length.

Clean look

An elegant and clean cut will work for anyone. It’s ideal for girls with round faces, rounder facial features and long hair. A StyleMe Pro should be able to create a trendy style that can play up your features. Start with a straight bob or a short choppy haircut, then add layers, box braids or braids for girls with long hair. 

For round faces, as the name suggests, the rectangular shape features lots of roundness. Depending on your face shape, you can have short or long hair. If you are sporting a round face, you can wear all kinds of hairstyles with your hair, whether you have long hair or short. Also, you can opt for loose and easy braids, big braids or simple buns.

Long hair

There’s nothing more iconic than a big, open face shape, and one style that’s totally in right now is the long bob. It works best on round faces and jaw-lengths, which have a strong upwards curve. If you have a bit of a V shape, this kind of cut can be flattering, too, but if you have a fairly boxy-looking face shape, short hair (except if you have bangs) would work better. 

This style is also perfect for those with square, dome-shaped faces, who want a bit of a mix between classic and trendy. Think about volume, but in a simple, well-styled way. Try this shape with a short, side-swept fringe (both from the same side, please!) to offset your squareness.

Slicked back

For a little more coverage, try the slicked back ponytail for those with rounder faces. It’s all about volume. And for a rounder face, you can always add texture by blowing the hair a bit with the tiniest bit of hairspray to hold it in place. A two inch fringe around the eye works well for brunettes. Use the same fringe technique as with the longer locks and even the length should work for any age group. 

The added fringe makes a lot of difference when styling. Oval face types should love this sleek, short hair style for women. The bobs are easy to style and can even be teased and left a little softer as it grows out. This is a good cut for oval face types as it allows them to go for the “half long, half short” style.


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